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Winnie, sleepy time and counting Friday 10-2-2015

Can a children's book REALLY help an adult?
by Sally M. Walker
This beautiful book was inspired by the true story of World War 1 soldier and veterinarian, Harry Colebourn and the bear cub he bought at a train station for $20.00. The bear was named Winnipeg for his company’s hometown. Winnipeg became the company mascot and his name was shortened to Winnie. When the company had to go to France to fight Harry place Winnie in the care of the London Zoo. A boy named Christopher Robin played with the friendly bear at the zoo. Christopher’s father was a well known author who loved to tell his son stories about Winnies adventures in the forest.
Those stories became a book.
I wonder if you heard of A.A. Milne’s book?
This story is very nicely written. It also has actual pictures of Winnipeg, Harry, Christopher Robin and A.A. Milne. It might even make tears well up in your eyes.
This Week's Fav!
Little Donkey Close Your Eyes & Goodnight Moon
Both by Margaret Wise Brown
I would start with Goodnight Moon then read Little Donkey Close Your Eyes because the flow of the poetry lulls you to sleep. The first book might elicit you and your child to interact a little and say goodnight to a few things in the room, but the Little Donkey poem is just for listening to. Then, all that remains to be accomplished will be a smile, a tuck
and a kiss and ahhh, sweet sleep!
Creative Interactions!
Anno’s Counting Book
By Mitsumasa Anno
Why do we need to count things in the first place? This book shows the natural relationship counting has to everyday life. This is probably the best learning to count book there is. I remember discovering it for the first time when I was researching for my college children’s literature class. I was amazed then and I still am now by how simple and well organized this book is. It would keep a child interested up to age… well I’m 49 and I am still interested. So, children from about age 5 through age 49 would enjoy this book. If you are old enough to read it, do not skip the last page. It only has words. It is titled About Numbers and is very good!
The activity is built into this book! So much to talk about and count.
Don’t worry. Yes, it is math and it’s FUN!
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