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Thank you's, Baseball & Chester's Way Friday 1-22-2016

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
Thank you, Mr. Falker
by Patricia Polacco
What a great book to give a teacher or anyone that has helped you achieve a goal in your life.
This book is a true story and it's about the author! It is painful, empathetic and beautiful!
Life can be hard on all of us, even at a very young age. Even if you have a wonderful family that cares about you, sometimes it’s just hard anyway. If you can help someone realize how wonderful they are and help them in life, then you have been successful!  
The main character in this story is an excellent artist, but a terrible reader. She is surrounded by excellent readers and she feels dumb because she can't seem to read. Then a new teacher arrives and brings her hope!
This Week's Fav!
Catching the Moon
by Crystal Hubbard and Randy DuBurke
Another true story! Don’t you love it when you know a story is true AND it’s a good story as well? Marcenia Lyle (also known as Toni Stone) grew up in the 1930’s and became the first woman to play for an all-male professional baseball team! In 1991 Stone and other players from the Negro leagues were honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame, and in 1993 she was inducted into the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame. This book is about how her dream first started to become a reality when she was a very young girl! No one thought a girl should dream about playing baseball.
Everyone discouraged her from doing it.
That didn’t stop young Marcenia! She knew what she loved and she worked hard, enjoyed it more than anything and did it! Good for her and good for you when you do the same!
Creative Interactions!
Chester’s Way
by Kevin Henkes
Chester does what he likes the way he likes to do it. No one did things like Chester, except Wilson, his best friend. It was always Chester & Wilson. Wilson & Chester everyday always…
Until Lilly moved into the neighborhood. She did things HER own way. Her way was very different from Chester & Wilson’s and they did not want anything to do with Lilly. Something happens (you’ll have to read it to find out). But when it happens it open’s Chester & Wilson’s eyes and heart to becoming friends with Lilly! Imagine that! Becoming friends with someone you didn’t THINK you liked in the first place.
This is a wonderfully told story about differences and similarities in each other. It opens the readers mind to trying new things and making new friends!
A good activity would be to try something you know you like, only in a different way. Like cutting your sandwich bread crust off with cookie cutters instead of a knife. Or eating a pizza roll instead of pizza. Taking a shower instead of a bath. Walking or taking the bus instead of your own car. It could be anything you decide to do differently!
Enjoy your time together!
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