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Saying Goodbye Friday 1-15-2016

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
Kids Have Troubles Too
by Sheila Stewart & Rae Simons
The Bible book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 7, verses 2-4 says, “It is better to go to a funeral than to a party. We all must die, and everyone living should think about this. Sorrow is better than laughter, and sadness has a good influence on you. A wise person thinks about death,
but a fool thinks only about having a good time.” 
There were two deaths this week in my world. Two families that mean a great deal to me will no longer be able to talk with and enjoy being with their loved one. One lost a brother & Uncle. One lost a Dad & Grandpa . This book is probably for an 8 year old or older. It is a longer story, but engaging. It may work for a read aloud story with the right younger child that has a long attention span. The book ends with questions to think about that are great to help deal with a loss of someone close no matter how young or old you are. It doesn’t address faith in God. This book deals with what happens on earth; physical & emotional only. That said, it is dealt with very well.
This Week's Fav!
A Story for Hippo
by Simon Puttock & Alison Bartlett
Fun pictures and a sweet story of friendship and loss. Sadness, tears and moving on to smile again. Perfect book for preschoolers to the elderly.
The story involves a fun loving monkey, a wise old hippo and a sweet little chameleon.
It is a wonderful life, but that does’t mean it is without hurt and tears.
It’s okay to cry AND it’s okay to laugh again too, eventually.
Creative Interactions
Goodbye Mousie
by Robie H, Harris & Jan Ormerod
Oh my goodness what a sweet, sweet book! Even though it is about the death of a much loved pet mouse. Beautiful illustrations are present to inspire any child to prepare a proper burial for their pet! The story is told in an empathetic way, but is not too overly emotionally driven. I think it addresses the subject perfectly. Especially for the very young.
Once you read this it will be obvious what the activity will be. Granted, it is only an activity to do if you happen to have a small pet that has died.
If your family has a small pet you should buy this book so you will be prepared.
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