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Mattise, a lion and a runny babbit Friday 9-18-2015

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Can a children's book REALLY help and adult?
Matisse The King of Color
by Laurence Anholt
How wonderful! I’m going to read all of Anholt’s children’s books about famous artists! This is a beautiful story about selflessness and generosity. It is about the friendship of Henri Matisse and his nurse Monique. One of the end products of this great relationship is the Chapelle du Rosaire, a small chapel built for Dominican sisters in the town of Vence on the French Riviera. You can visit the chapel to this day and I hope to see it!
This Weeks Fav!
The Lion’s Share
A Tale About Halving Cake and Eating It, Too
by Matthew McElligott
Great artist and writer! Another brilliantly told story that teaches without being preachy. The ant in the story is genuine and sincere, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will like the ant. Actually, he is misunderstood and all the other animals talk about him behind his back. The King of the jungle understands the ant very well and that is enough. You and your children will love this story and there is so much to look at in the illustrations that fill the entire page! Enjoy it while you share some cake together!
Creative Interactions!
Runny Babbit
by Shel Silverstein
This was Shel Silverstein’s last book before he died in 1999. My daughter loves so many children’s books and Shel’s are no exception! This silly poetry book is magic that creates an ear to ear grin no matter what you are going through in life! It is poetry about Runny Babbit’s life. Written in the way all of his animal friends talk to each other way down in the woods. “ Instead of saying ‘purple hat,’ they all say ‘hurple pat’”. Shel was a genius! His poetry is great when you switch the beginning consonants to the correct position, but so much more silly to switch them around like he did in this Billy Sook!
A great activity after reading this book would be to find mother goose poems or other poetry (think about songs too) and switch the consonants around and have fun reading them out loud for each other! Here’s an example using Row, Row, Row Your Boat:
Bow, bow, bow your roat
Strently down the geam
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Drife is but a leam
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