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Football, leaves and speaking in reverse! Friday 9-11-2015

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Can a children's book REALLY help an adult?
Football For Fun!
by Ken Goin
It’s that time of year again! I never even cared about football until my son wanted to participate in late elementary school. What did I do to prepare myself real quick? I went to the children’s section of the library. I did! I checked out this very book. There are some children’s books on football that are too basic and some more technical then I care to read. As I sat in my medium sized chair, I discovered this one was just right! If you are like me and don’t have much interest in the game of football, it will make the times you gather with friends to watch the game much more enjoyable! You may even discover you LOVE the game!
This Week's Fav!
Mirror Mirror
by Marylin Singer and Josee Masse
I came across a reverso poem on facebook not too long ago and was amazed. This is the first of two reverso poem books by this author and illustrator team. The second book is titled Follow Follow. BOTH are wonderful. I think a child that is 7 years old or older would love it. Especially if they love words. I am in love with this style of poetry. I haven’t tried it, YET but it seems quite difficult to do. The writer utilizes fairy tales that we all know and love and shows two sides to every story with her poetry reversal. You read it from top to bottom and it tells one side. You read it bottom to top to hear the other side of the story! Pretty ding, dang cool! Here is an example:
It may be such
a fairy tale secret,
this much
I know:
The road leads
you need to go.
You need to go
the road leads-
I know
this much.
A fairy tale secret?
It may be such.
Creative Interactions!
Fall Leaves
by Loretta Holland and Elly MacKay
I have seen a few books like this, but not very many and not as good as this one. It is a very short read for the very young attention span :)Because it has short two word phrases on each page. However, there is more to read, but not too much more, as the child grows. It is about the changing seasons. Spring is left out, but your discussion with your child would include all four, right? Right! Beautifully illustrated.
There is already an activity for you and your child to do at the end of this book. It tells you how to make leaf prints with collected leaves and paints. I am more a fan of leaf markings which only require collected leaves and paper and crayons (take the paper off the crayon). Place one leaf under the paper and rub the side of a crayon across the paper where the leaf is and you will make a great leaf marking! Put several different leaf markings on one page and Voila! You’ll have a refrigerator masterpiece!
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