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Famous paintings, a wolf and a game of I Spy Friday 9-25-2015

Can a children's book REALLY help an  adult?
13 Paintings Children Should Know
by Angela Wenzel
If there are 13 paintings children should know, then it only stands to reason that adults should know them too! I only recognized 6! Out of those 6 I could only state the name of the artist for two of them. This book is set up nicely with a timeline at the top with the artist’s lifespan within it. Surprisingly brief and informative! Pick this up and learn about why these pieces of art are important!
This Week's Fav!
by Emily Gravett
Fun, simple drawings and text! Creative! It’s the proverbial story of why you should not be walking around all the time with your head in a book. Street smarts, real life experience, is VERY important too! It has two endings and you can choose which one you like best! It will make you smile.
Creative Interactions!
Can You Find It Outside?
 & Can You Find It Inside?
Both by Jessica Schulte
Here are 2 great books to familiarize yourself, and the child in your family, with famous works of art! It is basically a game of “I Spy” with art! Sweet rhymes guide you through the pages. I am 49 and enjoyed looking at the art and looking for things within the artwork itself. Some of the finds were challenging and it’s amazing the other things you notice when you are looking for a specific something. Brilliant!!!
An obvious and wonderful activity would be to go to a local art museum and do the very same thing.
Play “I Spy” with the artwork!
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