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Emma, noisy nights & 2 questions Friday 10-23-2015

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
by Wendy Kesselman and Barbara Cooney
Emma is 72 years old. Like most mothers and grandmothers, she is happy when her family is with her. When her family members leave, as they do, she makes a decision to do something she enjoys. She painted pictures of everything that she loved, so she would always be surrounded by them. Soon people far and wide wanted to see Emma’s paintings! This was all very exciting and interesting to her family members too! Isn’t it wonderful to try new things no matter what age you are!
This Week's Fav!
Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night
by Josh Selig
The Olive Branch is an animated show that is seen around the world. I’ve never seen it, but reading this book proves to me I would love it! This story is based on that show.
It promotes conflict resolution and mutual respect while living with people who are different from you. (eh-hmmm… that is each of us, since none of us are alike).
Red and Yellow live in a tree together. It’s very hard to live together. You have to think about what the other person(s) wants and needs. You can’t just think of what you want. Red and Yellow arrive at the perfect solution. Together.
Creative Interactions!
Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?
by Susan Shea and Tom Slaughter
“If an owlet becomes an owl, can a washcloth grow and become a towel?” this book is great for developing critical thinking skills! Over and over, in a wonderful rhyming scheme, these fun questions are asked about what can or can not grow. You have to think about it first and then answer yes or no! You know I’m going to write it and you are correct! This book is so much fun!
An activity to do after reading together could be to make two collages with magazine cut out pictures. One would be titled “Things That Grow” and one would be “Things That Don’t Grow”. If you and your child want to do something digitally, have your child take pictures of things that grow and things that do not grow. Work together to make a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation or movie or whatever software you have that you want to utilize! Enjoy your time together! Then post your creation on social media for others to see!
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