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Author Michael Rosen Friday 12-4-2015

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
Michael Rosen's SAD BOOK
by Michael Rosen & Quentin Blake
This book was written after the death of Michael’s 18 year old son. I have been given many books on grief over the years, since I became a widow. They were fine, but I wish I was given this one. I have always known it’s okay to be sad. I am the kind of person who when asked, “How are you?” does not reply, in rote manner, “fine” or “very well, thank you”. I may tell you it’s not my best day or that I am sad. This book does precisely that in simple language that a very young child can understand. Quentin Blake’s artwork is perfection for the topic. The book allows the reader to experience sadness. I think it ends beautifully. Stating that he loves birthday celebrations and candles. The very last phrase is, “Candles, there must be candles”. The picture to go along with that phrase is a depiction of himself. Sitting alone at a table staring at a single candle. I think this is a inference to the fact that light dispels darkness. A person must look for and towards the light and walk through the darkness, the sadness.
This Week's Fav!
A Great Big Cuddle
by Michael Rosen & Chris Riddell
On a perfect day to stay inside, skip the wine and cheese and instead pop the popcorn and pour the hot cocoa! Pile the fluffiest blankets and pillows onto your couch, bed or floor and have a wonderful day reading this together with your child! These poems are fantastically written and range from loving chocolate cake to being angry. I think I like these as much as I do Shel Silverstein’s! THAT'S a pretty bold statement!
Creative Interactions!
You, Me, and the ABC’s
by Michael Rosen & Maris Turner
I read somewhere that Michael Rosen started out studying to be doctor, but somehow decided to leave that course of study. He is now a writer & entertainer for all ages! We should all shout “HOORAY!” for that decision! This book is an amazing find. If you have a new reader in your home or you are an educator of young readers by profession, this book is a must have! As it states on the cover there are 100 reading related activities! Every single activity seemed like common sense when I read it. However, I had never thought of most of them! The activities will seem like play, which we all enjoy more than working on our reading skills! I wish this book was around when my children were learning to read! 
Here is a sample from the book:
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