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Author & Illustrator Quentin Blake
Friday December 11, 2015

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
Mister Magnolia
by Quentin Blake
I am continuing my self mandated goal of highlighting 3 books from the same author or illustrator for the month of December. Perhaps even longer. This amazing author & illustrator, first became known through his story illustrating for the late great Roald Dahl in the late 1970’s! Dahl’s first famous children’s book was James and the Giant Peach. Although he wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before that! Anyway, a beautiful partnership developed. Quickly the names Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake were synonymous. Mister Magnolia tells a poetic tale of a man who has many fabulous things in his life and about his life, but he only has one boot! He would like another shoe, but he just continues on loving life and sharing, even when his own life is missing something. Then, a kind, observant child fills his void and his wonderful life becomes even better with two feet having protection and warmth! There is so much to look at in Mr. Blake’s illustrations. You and whomever you are sharing this book with MUST TAKE TIME to look at all that is happening on every page! And the words, just float out of your mouth as you read! How entertaining! Thank you Mr. Quentin Blake!
This Week's Fav!
Angelica Sprocket's Pockets
by Quentin Blake
Why do so many children’s books rhyme?! Because rhyming can be delightful, like singing, if done correctly. Quentin Blake does it right. You will enjoy this imaginative book as you experience all the crazy things in Angelica Sproket’s pockets! It’s fun to make a guessing game of what Angelica is going to pull out of her pocket next! Love the squiggly, sketch style pictures of Quentin Blake and, as always, so much to look at besides the actual story being told! I encourage you to check out all of Quentin Blake’s stories!
Creative Interactions!
by Quentin Blake
This is hilarious for children and adults to read together! Professor Dupont always does everything the same way! His Cockatoos are a bit more free spirited and independent and would like to add some spontaneity to Mr. Dupont’s life. They do, for a little while, but does it change things forever? You will have to read and find out for yourself! All throughout the book the cockatoos are hiding and the reader is not specifically asked to look for them, but you do anyway and it’s like the cockatoos and the reader are enjoying an inside joke at Mr. Dupont’s expense! Good, clean, fun!
A great activity would be to draw your own cockatoo or download and print one of the linked pictures below. Then color or paint the cockatoo and glue colorful feathers onto the head, at the top!
You could even play a game of “find the cockatoo” after this craft, to go along with the story line. Someone hides the picture and another looks for it!
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