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Anger, art and old underwear
Friday 10-16-2015

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
When I Feel Angry
by Cornelia Maude Spelman
Illustrated by Nancy Cote
Don’t we all need to understand the ways to manage uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings? Just as sure as we feel joy and excitement, we will also feel sadness and anger. The latter emotions are usually a little more tricky to navigate than the former. This book is a great way to open a conversation with your child about how to deal with angry and hurt feelings. It is a necessary reminder to adults to handle our anger appropriately too.
This Week's Fav!
by David Wiesner
Yet another great piece of art by the one and only, 3 time Caldecott Award winner, David Wiesner. Every book by this author/illustrator must be looked at and will be enjoyed!
Art & Max begins in reality with a desired painting lesson, but this story very quickly becomes a fanciful adventure that is super fun to watch unfold.
Creative Interactions
Brief Thief
By Michael Escoffier and Kris Di Giacomo
Just because something would be useful to you, doesn’t mean it belongs to you. Even if it is old underwear that is full of holes. It may be very important to the owner, no matter how insignificant it seems to you. A lizard and a rabbit are the main characters in this tale that you and your child will enjoy reading together.
An activity to do after reading this book would be to find another use for something you no longer need for it’s original purpose. It’s always fun to see old things in a new light! Help each other think of new ideas for old stuff!
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