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Friday 1-8-2016

Can a children’s book REALLY help an adult?
Enemy Pie
by Derek Munson & Tara Calahan King
“It should have been the perfect Summer, but it wasn’t…” This is how the story begins. Just one mean person, one enemy, can ruin it all.
What if there was a pie you could bake to get rid of an enemy forever?
What exactly could be baked into an enemy pie?
Slugs? Worms? Mud? or worse?
Read this book and you might not find out what is baked in an enemy pie, but you will discover the best way to get rid of an enemy. Be kind to them and who knows what could happen! This is a beautiful and smart book! A great lesson at any age. Do yourself a favor and read this book.
This Week's Fav!
by Janell Cannon
Life can be hard. It is exceptionally difficult if a child and parent are separated when the child is very young. This is what happens to Stellaluna! However, just because her new found family lives differently it doesn’t mean Stellaluna can’t learn to fit in and love them and be loved by them. Even when Stellaluna finds her mom later in her life, it i still nice to keep in touch with her adopted family. It’s fun to be around those who are like us and do things the same , but life is even more interesting when you have dear friends that are different from you too!
Creative Interactions!
Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
by Eileen Spinelli & Paul Yalowitz
Mr. Hatch normally just keeps to himself and doesn’t really try to have any friends. He does the same thing everyday. But one little unexpected parcel comes in the mail one day and changes everything! It is amazing how a small act of kindness triggers immense change in Mr. Hatch’s life!
This would be an excellent book to remember to read around Valentines Day, but it is great any day of the year!
An excellent activity would be to think of a something kind you could do for someone and take action, anonymously or known! It will add joy to your day and who knows how it may change a life for the better!
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